Avery Collins – Ultra Runner

Avery Collins is a runner, but not your average runner. He runs far. REALLY far. Oh, and fast. He runs REALLY fast! Avery competes at a very high level in Ultra Running. In fact, since filming this video, he won the Georgia Death Race, A ‘golden ticket’ race for Western States 100.  Avery will be racing Western States this June and competing with the best Ultra Runners in the world on Ultra Runnings biggest stage.

What is Ultra Running? Ultra Running by definition is running any distance farther than Marathon distance (26.2 miles). There are many distances (50k, 100k, 50 mile, 100 mile, and beyond), but Avery prefers to race and compete at the 100-mile plus distance.

This story is not about how he got into running or him sharing what shoes he wears. In this story Avery talks about what running does for him, how it makes him feel, and what he goes through to prepare for races this daunting.

He also shares what inspires him about Colorado and how it feeds him and keeps him going.

There is much more in there and some stunning scenery. You’ll have to watch and see it for yourself!