Colorado Advanced Industries Grant Video

Video project for Colorado Advanced Industries Grant Video.

Greeley Unexpected 2015

This spring, Clear Summit Productions shot a series of videos for the Greeley Unexpected 2015 campaign. We are really proud of them, and hope everyone digs them as much as we do!

Greeley: So Much More

Greeley, Colorado, approached Clear Summit Productions and asked for a proposal and bid to make a video showcasing the city. If you know anything about Colorado’s front range, you know Greeley has had a real image problem.

Cow Town?

Deserved or not, Greeley has had a bad rap for being a “cow town.” And while the city does have its roots in the cattle industry, it’s far from a cow town. With a city-written script, we set out to put compelling images to (quite literally) help change the city’s image. We oversaw and recorded the VO, coordinated all shoot locations, shot the footage, added graphics, and edited the version you see here. We are proud of the finished product, and can honestly say, every single person, entity, and collaborator we worked with on the project was fantastic.

It helped change MY perspective of Greeley, and we hope it helps change yours.

Hospital / Medical Demo Reel

Both Jeremy Jacob and Erik Stenbakken of Clear Summit Productions have been making images for the medical field for over a decade. We have worked with clinics, hospitals, in patient, out patient, administrators and service providers in the medical field. We’ve worked on exterior beauty shots as well as in the dark of an operating room. We’re experienced in the protocols of healthcare work and would be glad to put our experience and ethic to work for you.

Client Custom B-Roll

This video is an example of Client Custom B-Roll and how the variety of shots we can make for you!

Corporate Video Example

Compilation of a series of videos made for a corporate client.