Imagery From Above

Drones offer the chance to create and use high-quality aerial video footage for a variety of purposes. Entertainment, property surveying, project management, marketing, sporting events, even weddings can all benefit from the great visual texture that footage shot from above provides.

Clear Summit Productions is a local company that provides drone videography services in Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas. Our pilot, Jeremy Jacob, is fully certified and has been flying a drone for a number of years now. He is familiar with UAV and flight regulations, as well as the no fly zones in this area.

What Type of Drone Work do We Do?

Since drones are relatively new to the market, allow us to provide a brief description of the types of UAV work we do.

Film and TV, Cinematography:

Any time you want to add dramatic sweeping shots of a city at sunset, a swath of river, or a car chase to your film project, a drone and a good drone pilot can provide the footage that takes your work to the next level. Adding eagle eye or God-view footage adds high-end visual appeal to even small creative projects.

Advertising and Marketing:

Whether you’re a summer camp that wants to display the glorious scenery of your property, a fair that wants to show off their packed arena and excited crowds, or a city that wants to showcase what they have to offer to the surrounding areas, drone footage offers just the dramatic shots you need. Perfect for voice-over work as well.drone photo of subdivision clear summit productions

Tourism and Hospitality:

In 2014, Google confirmed that online usage of travel videos was increasing hugely. If people are planning to travel, they usually go online and check the place out before buying tickets. If a travel destination wants to be competitive, they’ll put video footage of themselves up to show potential customers what they have to offer.drone photo of subdivision clear summit productions


First wedding photography expanded to wedding videography. Now wedding videography has expanded to include drone footage of the ceremony, reception, and crowd. Imagine having beautiful moving footage of your special day that includes above the crowd vantage points. Stunning!drone photo of subdivision clear summit productions

Property and Real Estate:

The best aspect of property for sale isn’t necessarily the street view. Sometimes it’s the one-acre back yard that you want to be able to show in just a few seconds, the sweeping view of local scenery, the nearby walk paths, or the creek that flows through the southwest corner. Shooting real estate property with a drone allows the real estate agent to put the very best aspects of the property on the market affordably.


You’ve probably already seen drone footage of professional baseball and football games mixed in with standard ground footage. But think what drone footage can do to provide footage of a marathon, a half-pipe competition, or downhill skiing. Great views, without having to get a cameraman in place for one limited shot of the action.

As you can see, UAVs can be used in many fields that thrive on video footage. Clear Summit Productions is one of a small handful of Colorado UAV companies that has plenty of experience as well as all the required licenses in place.

Full Service Videography

drone photo of man running on dirt road clear summit productionsWhat’s more, Clear Summit Productions is a full-service videography company. If you are looking for a local company that can provide beautifully shot video footage that includes a mix of ground and aerial views, CSP can deliver that package of work to you at competitive rates.

There are a fair number of Denver drone companies around, and a fair number of Denver videography companies. But only a select few produce both types of work. Talk to us today about your project needs. We can provide you with examples of local work we’ve done and a fair project bid on your idea.

Trust us with your drone project. Call or email us today for more details.